Chill the F*ck Out and Color Coloring Book

An Adult Coloring Book with Fun, Easy, and Hilarious Swear Word Coloring Pages (Funny Gifts for Relaxation)

Adult colorists are in for a hilarious surprise in this fun coloring book from bestselling publishing brand, Jade Summer.

Our Chill the F*ck Out and Colorbook features amusing illustrations that will make you laugh out loud! Color in your favorite swear words – patterns, swirls and flowers are dotted throughout so you can practice your artistic skills. Both aspiring and advanced colorists will enjoy spending hours of enjoyment filling in each design.

From “the Queen of f*cking awesome” to “get out of my f*cking sight”, each quote is guaranteed to make you howl. Our shocking and outrageous sayings are ready to be given your creative magic. Choose your favorite shades and relish this entertaining coloring adventure.

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