Easy Coloring Book

Illustrated by Joshua Dunbar

Enjoy a variety of simple designs with this relaxing coloring book from publishing brand, Jade Summer.

  • Our Easy Coloring Book is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys simple designs, prefers plenty of variety, and needs to relax!
  • We have included 50 unique designs with animals, flowers, food, objects, and more! This book will keep you busy for hours and there will always be something fun to color.
  • Each hand-drawn illustration was specially crafted to be enjoyed by adults, beginners, and seniors (including those with low vision, poor eye-hand coordination, anxiety, and dementia).
  • Images are made with thick lines (so it is easy to stay inside the lines), have no small details (which can be difficult to color), are printed on single-sided pages (so you can take pages out of the book), and are pre-shaded (so completed pages will look amazing).
  • This coloring book makes a wonderful gift for anyone (especially grandparents) and is great for birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and any special occasion.

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