Where can I download 100 coloring pages for free?
We are no longer offering this promotion. With that said, we want everyone to have a positive experience with Jade Summer. If you want us to make an exception for you, please contact us using the form near the bottom of this page.

I purchased an access code. Where can I download my digital edition?
You can download digital editions on this website using the link below.
Download My Digital Edition

I have a problem with my purchase on Etsy. Where can I get help?
Please contact us on Etsy for help with your order. You should see a button next to your purchase that says “Help with order”.
View Orders on Etsy

I have a problem with a book purchased on Amazon. Where can I get a replacement/refund?
Please contact Amazon for any concerns. You can use the “return or replace items” button when viewing your orders.
View Orders on Amazon

I have a problem with a book purchased on Lulu. Where can I get a replacement/refund?
Please contact Lulu for any concerns.
Lulu Customer Support

I am having trouble working with files on my smartphone or tablet. Where can I learn how this works?
See below for two videos we recommend. We are not affiliated with the people making these videos.
Apple iPhone and iPad
Android Devices

Do your digital editions work with coloring apps?
It depends. If your application does not support PDFs, you can always try taking a screenshot of the artwork and saving it as a JPG or PNG.

I want to purchase digital editions, but do not have a printer. Is there an affordable one you recommend?
Yes, please try the HP DeskJet 2755e or choose a bestseller on Amazon.
View HP DeskJet 2755e on Amazon
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Do you offer tech support for my computer, printer, or other devices?
No, we’re not able to provide tech support. You may want to check YouTube for videos about your specific device or problem.


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