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Country Autumn Coloring Book

Illustrated by Joshua Dunbar & Alexandra Franzese

Enjoy a variety of charming designs with this country coloring book from bestselling publishing brand, Jade Summer.

  • Our Country Autumn coloring book is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys detailed designs, prefers plenty of variety, and needs to relax!
  • We have included 50 unique designs with traditional country scenes, old fashioned decor, and plenty of country charm! This book will keep you busy for hours and there will always be something fun to color.
  • Each hand-drawn illustration was specially crafted with a heartwarming style and many fun details to color. Each page is a journey into the country lifestyle and will bring you back to the good old days!
  • You get to color everything you love about the country during autumn, including colorful leaves, Halloween, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, baked treats, playful animals, rustic decor, and so much more!
  • This coloring book makes a wonderful gift for anyone and is great for birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and any special occasion.

$7.99 | 50 Unique Images | Paperback

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