Girls Are Amazing Coloring Book

Girls will build confidence and have fun with this inspirational coloring book from publishing brand, Jade Summer.

Our Girls Are Amazing coloring book includes a variety of motivational designs and positive affirmations for girls. We want every girl to know they are special, can achieve their goals, and can do anything a boy can do! This adorable coloring book features 26 confidence-building illustrations, so girls will be busy for hours.

We have included pages with plenty of entertaining details for older girls while still making everything easy-to-color for younger girls. Girls get to color a variety of motivational scenes, including an ambitious girl with a lemonade stand, a responsible girl feeding her puppy, a generous girl sharing her toys with her sister, and even an imaginative girl riding her pet dragon!

Our coloring book empowers girls to express their creativity, develop a positive self-image, and prepare for success at school and life, as they create beautiful works of art.

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