Cute Witches Pre-shaded Coloring Book

Adorable Gothic Scenes, and Spooky Halloween Fun with this coloring book from publishing brand, Jade Summer.

Our Cute Witches coloring book features a variety of adorable and spooky scenes where girls of all ages are practicing witchcraft. This family friendly adventure has plenty of cute themes, such as learning magic, causing mischief, and celebrating Halloween. You get to color a young witch on her first day of magic school, a curious witch reading from an enchanted book of spells, and a teenage witch about to enter a haunted castle!

Each incredible scene is pre-shaded, so it is easy for you to create beautiful works of art. Even beginners will be amazed at how their coloring pages will come to life. If you have not enjoyed a grayscale coloring book before, this is an experience that will change the way you color forever!

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