100 Animals Coloring Book

Enjoy beautiful animals and relaxing patterns with this easy coloring book from publishing brand, Jade Summer.

Our 100 Animals coloring book is a wonderful way to show your love of animals while your stress fades away. Each animal features simple patterns which allow you to effortlessly fill pages with any of your favorite colors.

We have also included close-up animal portraits and full-body animal designs so you will have plenty of options of what to color next.

You get to color a variety of fun animal designs from all across the animal kingdom. We have included loveable farm animals, wild jungle animals, mysterious animals of the sea, and many more! Imagine yourself coloring an untamed horse running on the plains, an adorable squirrel climbing a tree, and a tropical fish swimming in the ocean.

You can color each animal with realistic colors or let your imagination run wild and use whichever colors you choose!

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