Weddings Coloring Book

Get ready to walk down the aisle with this heart-warming coloring book from publishing brand, Jade Summer.

Our Weddings coloring book features five different couples on the happiest day of their lives! Relax and experience blissful romance as you color beautiful brides and handsome grooms throughout their wedding day experience. We have included many popular wedding events, including kissing at the alter, walking down the aisle, and dancing at the reception. Each couple in this romantic coloring book features a different setting, so you will have plenty of variety when you color.

You get to enjoy a traditional wedding, a lakefront wedding, a tropical wedding, a country wedding, and even a vintage wedding! You get to color an attractive couple at the alter in a wonderful church, a charming couple leaving their country wedding in a classic pickup truck, and an excited couple next to the ocean in a tropical paradise wedding. This coloring book is delightful whether you are looking forward to your dream wedding or about to celebrate your 50th anniversary.

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