Boys Are Amazing Coloring Book

An Inspirational Coloring Book for Boys to Motivate, Encourage and Build Confidence

Boys will build confidence and have fun with this inspirational coloring book from bestselling publishing brand, Jade Summer.

Our Boys Are Amazing coloring book includes a variety of motivational designs and positive affirmations for boys, such as “boys are curious” and “boys are responsible”. We want every boy to believe in themselves, develop positive character traits, and find happiness in the world.

Boys can put away their devices and enjoy the peaceful mindfulness of coloring. This awesome coloring book features 26 character-building illustrations, so boys will be busy for hours. We have included pages with plenty of entertaining details for older boys while still making everything easy-to-color for younger boys.

Boys get to color a variety of motivational scenes, including an inventive boy building a rocket, a kind boy helping his friend, a charming boy getting dressed up, and even an adventurous boy exploring the forest! Our coloring book empowers boys to express their creativity, develop a positive self-image, and prepare for success at school and life, as they create beautiful works of art.

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