Chibi Girls - Volume 1 - Grayscale Coloring Book

A Grayscale Coloring Book with Adorable Kawaii Characters, Lovable Manga Animals, and Delightful Fantasy Scenes

Enhance your artistic skills with this brilliant coloring book from bestselling publishing brand, Jade Summer.

Our Chibi Girls Grayscale coloring book takes you on an exciting adventure of wonderful fantasy scenes, adorable kawaii characters and lovable manga animals. Use your artistic skills to create an array of masterpieces, including ballerina chibi girls, spooky illustrations, and cute chibi designs. Our grayscale drawings enable you to create realistic masterpieces which you can admire forever.

Our Chibi Girls Grayscale coloring book promises hours of fun. Use your favorite colors to create your own interpretations of our amazing images. New and advanced colorists of all ages will love spending time coloring our wonderful drawings.

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