Dinosaurs Coloring Book

A Dinosaur Coloring Book for Kids

Does your kid love dinosaurs? Take them on a prehistoric adventure with this incredible coloring book from bestselling publishing brand, Jade Summer.

Our Dinosaur Coloring Book for Kids includes a variety of entertaining dinosaur designs for boys and girls. We have included pages with plenty of entertaining details for older children while still making everything easy-to-color for younger children.

Have your kids put away their devices and enjoy the peaceful mindfulness of coloring. This adventurous coloring book features many fun-to-color dinosaurs, so your kids will be busy for hours.

Kids get to color a variety of prehistoric nature scenes, including a Triceratops walking through the forest, a Pterodactyl flying through the sky, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex roaring for all the jungle to hear! Our coloring book empowers boys and girls to express their creativity, relieve stress, and build confidence.

Note: This book contains artwork originally released in Dinosaurs. This updated release includes improved coloring pages with easier-to-color backgrounds.

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