Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Updated December 5, 2019

1. You may only post content related to Jade Summer.
– You may post about coloring tips and art supplies (that apply to Jade Summer books).
– You may not share artwork by other artists, brands, or companies.
– You may not share pages completed by other colorists.
– You may not share blank coloring pages (including free pages) without our permission.
– You may not share digital editions or access codes.
– You may not share or discuss advance review copies.
– You may not share “swear word” coloring pages or any content which may offend some members.
– You may not advertise other groups, websites, and social media pages.

Sharing digital editions and/or access codes under any circumstances (unless you have our written permission) is copyright infringement. We take our intellectual property rights very seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy toward online piracy.

2. Make our community a great experience for everyone.
– Keep all conversations positive, respectful, and “drama-free”.
– Report posts that are not following our guidelines.
– Do not block any “admins” or “moderators”.
– Send us a private message with your questions and suggestions.

Thank you. We appreciate you being part of our community.

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