Where can I purchase Jade Summer books?

We sell paperbacks on Amazon and digital editions on Etsy.

What am I allowed to do with your artwork?

Our coloring pages are licensed for personal and non-commercial use.

You are not allowed to share or sell our pages without written permission. This includes books or pages given away “for free”.

You are encouraged to share your completed pages online, but you may not sell them.

All Jade Summer artwork is protected by copyright laws in the United States and throughout the world.

My access code doesn’t work. How do I download my digital edition?

  1. Access codes are case sensitive. Please enter exactly as shown.
  2. If you copy/pasted, try typing the code.
  3. Are you sure you have the correct book? Some of our books have similar titles.
  4. You can always contact us. Please include your book title and access code.

I have a question that’s not answered on this page. Can you help me?

Yes. Send us a message and we will get you an answer. Most messages are replied to in one business day. Thank you for your patience.