Favorite Pages Coloring Book

50 Premium Coloring Pages from The Jade Summer Collection

Do you love adult coloring books? Then we’ve got an incredible deal for you!

Favorite Pages by Jade Summer is a fantastic way to sample the best pages from our collection of adult coloring books. We’ve included a variety of images, so everyone from beginners to experienced colorists will have plenty to enjoy.

You get to color many different themes, including cute animals, lovely flowers, relaxing mandalas, inspirational quotes, magical unicorns, beautiful mermaids, adorable princesses, majestic dragons, mysterious vampires, whimsical fairy tales and many more.

We’ve made this premium book available at such a low price because we want everyone to experience the Jade Summer collection. When you’re finished coloring these incredible images, there are 75+ other Jade Summer books for you to enjoy!

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