Jade Summer Removed from Amazon

November 15, 2021

Our Amazon account was terminated on November 11, 2021. Our books will no longer be for sale on Amazon (unless they are sold by third party sellers).

We had a trademark related issue with the title/subtitle of two of our books. The problem was with Amazon’s terms of service and was not a complaint from a third party.

In our opinion, this was a minor issue, could have easily been resolved with a simple update, and was never meant to mislead customers.

This problem was not related to copyright or artwork. Jade Summer has never received a legal complaint from a third party about our artwork.

We have appealed this decision to Amazon, but they are unwilling to reinstate our account. Despite our excellent and compliant history with Amazon, they are not willing to give us another chance.

Our entire team is shocked, angered, and saddened by this decision.

We are not able to even get someone on the phone to discuss the matter. In addition, Amazon is keeping the money from all of our sales from September 1st until today.

Sales from Amazon represented approximately 98% of our business revenue. As a result, we will not be able to continue making original content for future releases.

We need your help.

Please contact Amazon with the information below and tell them how disappointed you are by this decision.

Amazon Customer Service:

If we work together, we may be able to have Jade Summer return to Amazon. If we don’t stand up to them now, who knows who will be next.

Thank you for your support!

November 17, 2021

Amazon replied to us earlier today and refused to reinstate our account. We did not receive any additional information.

Thank you to everyone who has shown your support during this difficult time. We appreciate it.

We would especially like to thank those of you who took time to contact Amazon, create and sign petitions, make videos, and otherwise help us to get our account reinstated.

We would appreciate you not using the names of any artists that have worked with us when you post publicly online. We do not want to create any problems for them going forward. If you have done so previously, please remove their names.

At this point, it’s time to move on. Let’s remain positive and focus on the future.

We are in the process of adding our entire collection of paperbacks to Lulu. These books should be available to buy in several days.

If you would like to show your support going forward, please consider purchasing digital editions and paperbacks on Lulu.

You can continue to browse our books for sale on JadeSummer.com. We will update our website with links to everything in the coming days.

We are planning on releasing three new books in the next month or two – “Gnomes”, “Cute and Lovely”, “Greatest Hits (2022)”. These books were in progress before we had our problem with Amazon.

Thank you again for your support,

Eric and Nick

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