Mermaids Grayscale

An Adult Coloring Book with Sexy Mermaids, Relaxing Tropical Beaches, and Underwater Fantasy Scenes

Explore an enchanting fantasy world with this sexy coloring book from bestselling publishing brand, Jade Summer.

Our Mermaids Grayscale coloring book takes you on an ocean-themed adventure. We have included a variety of detailed fantasy images so you always have something fun to color. You get to enjoy beautiful mermaids relaxing on the beach, mermaid warriors ready for an underwater battle, and curious mermaids exploring the ocean depths with their sea animal friends.

Each incredible scene is pre-shaded, so it is easy for you to create beautiful works of art. Even beginners will be amazed at how their coloring pages will come to life. If you have not enjoyed a grayscale coloring book before, this is an experience that will change the way you color forever!

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