Chibi Girls 2 Grayscale Coloring Book (Digital Edition)

2020 Gift Ideas | 30 Unique Images | 2 Copies of Each Image

Go on a super-cute adventure with this adorable coloring book from bestselling publishing brand, Jade Summer.

Our Chibi Girls 2 Grayscale coloring book will take you on a delightful adventure. We have included a variety of fun characters and scenes, including a cute school girl on her way to class, a dancing ballerina practicing for her recital, and a quiet girl tending her garden.

Each adorable scene is pre-shaded, so it is easy for you to create beautiful works of art. Even beginners will be amazed at how their coloring pages will come to life. If you have not enjoyed a grayscale coloring book before, this is an experience that will change the way you color forever!

$4.99 | 30 Unique Images | Digital Edition

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