Greatest Hits (2019) Coloring Book

Discover the 100 Best Coloring Pages from the Jade Summer Collection

Our Greatest Hits (2019) is the ultimate coloring book and a must-have for anyone who loves to color! We have included our favorite 100 coloring pages from 100 different Jade Summer books. We have included a tremendous variety of images, so everyone from beginners to experienced colorists will have plenty to enjoy.

This unbelievable collection includes something for everyone to love. You get to color many different themes, including animals, flowers, landscapes, mandalas, patterns, fantasy, holidays, inspirational, and many more!

We want everyone from aspiring artists to passionate colorists to experience the Jade Summer collection. This book is the perfect gateway to over 100 other Jade Summer books. You can sample a little bit of everything and then purchase the books you will enjoy most.


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