Tattoo Coloring Book – Volume 3

Enjoy awesome tattoos with this incredible coloring book from publishing brand, Jade Summer.

Our Tattoo Coloring Book – Volume 3 has an incredible collection of tattoos in a variety of styles. We have included many popular themes, including animals with flowers, beautiful portraits of women, mysterious double-exposure images, geometric designs, and badass skulls.

Each tattoo illustration is made with thick lines to aid coloring and will make your completed pages feel like a professional tattoo! Relax while you color a variety of tattoo designs for men and women. This book is also great for teens who are interested in tattoos, but too young to get a real one.

You get to color a sexy fantasy woman under a full moon, a powerful samurai fighting an ancient dragon, an adorable fox playing with a butterfly, a grim reaper with a collection of skulls, and a beautiful angel meeting a dove from Heaven!

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